Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time flies when you are having fun!

I can't believe that another day of the conference is over. Just one more day. I had a marvelous day today at the NECC conference. All of the sessions I attended today were interesting, engaging and useful. I attended two of the BYOL sessions and really enjoyed those. The first was Research: Redesign Assignments with Social Bookmarking. This session went through how to use with students in a class setting. That was very helpful to me. I know I am behind the curve a little but the idea of tagging was new to me this year and this session helped to clarify that for me. The second BYOL session I attended was on Geotagging. This is also new to me so it was also helpful. Global Awareness through Geotagging: Creating and Using Digital Photo Maps
I knew about flickr but hadn't heard of trippermap until that session. I have heard more uses for Google Earth than I knew existed in the last several days! I'm making a to do list based upon what I have learned from the conference. How much of summer is left?
David Warlick's session on Contemporary Literacy was quite good and the panel discussion/keynote in the morning was interesting!
One more day of the conference on Wednesday and it promises to be another great day! I will try for a second time to go to the Moodle session(it was standing room only the first time it was offered), attend the Georgia ISTE affiliate meeting, and listen to a closing keynote that should be tremendous!
But now, a little sleep . . .



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