Monday, October 02, 2017

Educators are the most optimistic people...

I am very blessed to work with some amazing people. One of my colleagues, Karen, always says, "Educators are the most optimistic people on the earth. We just keep coming back to school." There is so much truth in what she says. Teachers can have a bad day and leave school incredibly drained and the next morning they get right up and go back to school saying, "Today's the day! This is the day that things will work and I will make a difference in the lives of kids." This was no more evident than this past Saturday.

On a Saturday morning, educators gathered from all over middle Tennessee to spend a few hours connecting, discussing, and learning about effective use of technology in school. #TechIgnite is put on by Lipscomb University's College of Education and the Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation. We had 15 different educators leading sessions and over 100 people registered to attend.

All of the materials for each session are found on eduTOOLBOX.

If you didn't attend Ignite! and are in driving distance of Nashville (within 2-3 hours), be sure to join us for the next Ignite. Follow the Ayers Institute and Lipscomb University's College of Education on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news.