Sunday, August 27, 2017


Those of you who have read my other posts know that I am a fan of twitter. I know, I know, some of you really don't see the point of twitter. Keep reading! This may just change your mind.

As I was going through my twitter feed, I saw a mention by @gcouros about #onesmallthing. This intrigued me so I investigated further. An instructional coach and a librarian came up with the #onesmallthing movement which refers to implementing one small change at a time. It's brilliant in its simplicity. How often do we as educators get overwhelmed by the enormity of what needs to be done? Speaking for myself that happened often when I was in the classroom. The day to day urgent matters tend to drown out the important matters. All need to be tended to.

I applaud Melissa White (@melissajkwhite) and Lacey Snyder (@lacey_librarian) for putting this together. So I am sharing my #onesmallthing here:

Melissa and Lacey have set up a website complete with a tool for sharing and a "how-to" guide for implementing #onesmallthing in your practice. 

About twitter: I consider twitter to be one of the best professional learning tools available. The key is in who you follow. I follow people who bring value to my educational practice and life in general. One trick is to follow someone who has a recognized name in the area of education you are involved with. Then go see who they follow and follow some of the same people. You might even start with following me, Julia Osteen (@josteen), Melissa (@melissajkwhite), Lacey (@lacey_librarian), and George Couros (@gcouros). Give it a try! You'll be glad you did!