Saturday, January 26, 2013

Love to Learn

This weekend I am immersed into a learning environment/experience that is challenging me to think, reflect and learn. I am here by choice. I love to learn. In fact, I even brought with me an administrator that loves to learn. In each session (called conversations), a facilitator paints a picture and sets the stage for deep discussions. Then participants discuss and collaborate. This is not your ordinary educational conference. It is called EduCon. And, no, people aren't dressed up as superheroes or other characters. They all come as themselves with their unique perspectives and understandings. Walking around I pass by people I have followed on twitter for years. This is one of only a few times a year that I get to connect face to face with my online Personal Learning Network. The Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia (host for the conference) and EduCon have an energy that is not often found in education. Now, how to bottle that energy up to take it home with me! If you haven't checked out EduCon, follow the conversations on twitter - #educon or #educon25. It's worth the trip to Philly!