Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Promise of Technology or is it Good Teaching?

An article published by the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) passed through my twitter feed today and I couldn't help but take notice. The article written by Jeremy Meredith discusses the use of technology by two particular schools in Tennessee, Mt. Pleasant in Maury County and STEM School Chattanooga in Hamilton County. Both are using technology to personalize learning for students. 

Meredith writes, "research tells us that technology is most effective when its use is guided by a highly effective teacher who takes care to understand individual student needs. Personalized learning involves teachers using diagnostic information to guide student supports, students exercising choice and autonomy in learning activities, and use of project-based learning to encourage student collaboration and critical thinking." Yes! This is what we all need to understand. Technology is as good as what we use it for. Student achievement can be positively effected but not by technology alone. It takes that mature learner (the teacher) to guide students as they work through learning experiences. I'm so proud of schools like the STEM School Chattanooga and Mt. Pleasant for leading the state of Tennessee in this very important direction.

For more on the Role of Technology in Education, access the free MOOC provided by the Tennessee Governor's Online Innovation Fund and the Ayers Institute

To read the entire article, visit the SCORE website.