Saturday, June 30, 2007

Session notes: A Bright Idea: Shedding Light on Web 2.0 Applications

Kathy Schrock, Kathy Schrock's Guide/Nauset Schools

Links referenced:
Kathy Schrock’s recent presentations:
Vocabulary – AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
Ability to share, connect, and create with many, many others of like minds and interests
Educators need:
A way to find others with same professional interests– a social bookmarking site
to join groups and collaborate – Wiki
Wikis in the classroom –
Jot Spot– from google – a free wiki hosting service
Pageflakes – make your own pages
Gliffy - – online schematic floorplan/graphic organizer - – brainstorming and concept-mapping
Share evaluated resources
Zoho Creator – - online database-creation tool
Public or private databases; Can allow others to add/edit; Includes a read-only URL for users
Slide share –
FURL - saves a copy of a page from the web
Zamzar – file conversion tool
Writeboard – collaborate on writing
Skype - $14.95 a month; web conferencing tool
Skrbl – online interactive whiteboard

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another online floorplan/organizer is, I used it recently to do a layout for our classroom.

July 1, 2007 at 9:57 AM  

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