Saturday, October 15, 2011

Design Thinking part 2

So I have lacked follow-through on posting this article. After our exhausting weekend with Reimagine Ed: Designing the Future of K-12 Libraries, I presented my 6th grade students with the question of how they would design the library of the future. You can read some of their ideas on our class blog here. They had much less difficulty dreaming and coming up with big ideas. Now, the kids I teach for the most part LOVE libraries and books. They are the kind of kids that read for fun! So when I posed the question, they really went to town. That leads me to think that the process would be less draining on them than it was on the adults at the summit.

In addition, our Media Center Specialists who attend the event with me came away with some great ideas for how to change the physical spaces on campus we call Media Centers or Libraries. Our school is undergoing the planning for phase one of that redesign and phase 2 should come next year. I can't wait to see some of the ideas come to life!

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