Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now the Fun Really Begins . . .

Over the past two days, my 43 students each received a MacBook to use for their school work. This is an educational tool being issued to them much like a textbook would be issued traditionally. We are part of the pilot "test" group that is doing a "test drive" on the rollout of MacBooks. I took the kids through an orientation of the MacBook with helpful tips and tricks as well as reviewing the Acceptable Use Policy, Laptop User Agreement and Teacher Guidelines. After the orientation, the students filled out a simple online survey.

The kids were so excited. I reminded them that we have been given an important job - to test out the iLearn initiative for all of the other JH students and teachers. We are to figure out what works and what doesn't in order to inform policies and procedures for this coming fall.

So Friday, we have a vocabulary test. The students will be taking that test in Moodle. Then we will learn how to use myHomework, a software we are testing out for a digital agenda. One thing I like about that software is that it integrates with the iPod Touch or iPhone.

Next week will bring blog posts and live blogging as we continue our discussions over The Giver.

With great opportunity comes great responsibility! Now the fun really begins . . .

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