Thursday, November 04, 2010

The iPad - Part 2

I feel compelled to provide a part 2 as a follow-up to my post entitled iPad - Initial Thinking. When I went back and read that post, I actually was surprised at how thorough I had been at the time. After using an iPad now for seven months, I feel so much more versed in the possible benefits of the tool.

Even though the iPad definitely has potential for K-12 education, I don't see the iPad as being able to replace a MacBook. The iPad is still limited in what can be created using that tool. It is, however, a very good "consumption" and "connection" tool.

I have gotten to know some new apps that definitely put this comment in its place. The Storykit app is one that has blown my socks away. Storykit allows you to put text, images, drawings and voice recording together in a digital storybook. It allows for sharing with other people by uploading to the Storykit server and emailing the link. You can view a video tutorial on the Storykit app from the Tech Savvy Educator.

Also, I recently sat in on a session on Cloud Computing presented by Dr. Patrick Crispen from the University of Southern California. It is clear from what he shared that solutions such as Google Docs will take the place of traditionally loaded software pieces in the near future. If this is the case, then accessing creation apps using a WiFi connection makes the iPad not just a consumption device, but also a clear creation device.



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