Thursday, November 04, 2010

Creative Communications in the 21st Century

This year, I have had the pleasure of presenting at iSummit 2010, the Georgia Independent Schools Association annual conference and the Georgia Educational Technology Conference. The topic I presented at all three is on creative communications. There are so many tools out there to help us provide our students with opportunities for the development of creativity and communication. Amy Dean, one of the teachers in our Junior High, worked with me on this presentation. Unfortunately, she was unable to help present this fall but her fingerprints are all over this work as well.

I must admit that I feel somewhat lacking in the area of creativity myself. I have never considered myself to be particularly creative but listening to some of Sir Ken Robinson's materials have led me to question why. I have recently come to realize that there are a lot of us out there in "my generation" that feel the same way. Again, why?

Enjoy the presentation and links to the sample work. All example student work is used with permission from the authors.

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