Saturday, September 08, 2012

EdCampATL - Relax, Converse, Learn

Approximately 100 educators met this morning, Saturday, at Woodward Academy for the first ever EdCampATL. What makes that many educators get up on a Saturday morning to meet? The opportunity to connect, network, relax, converse and learn! EdCampATL was designed after the other EdCamps that are occurring around the United States and beyond. EdCamp is an unconference. I have attended other unconference events before: Educon, Edublogger Con, TeachMeetGA, just to name a few. I really liked the EdCamp format. As we arrived, people began proposing session discussions. Each person chose which discussion to be part of and it was understood that at any time you could leave to join a different discussion.

Sharing was the key word of the day and the pervasive atmosphere as well. That's something that most educators don't get enough time to do . . . share with one another. There were people from public schools, charter schools, independent schools, and Higher Ed in attendance. In addition, folks from Alabama and Florida attended as well as Georgia residents.
Some of the things I learned about are represented in the tagxedo image above and the list below.

Tagxedo (works great in Safari)
Together We Can Change Everything
Towel Elephants
Class Dojo
Scoot Pad (K-5 Integration with Common Core)
Knowmia (another resource for a flipped classroom)
Knowmia Teach
Historical Scene Investigations
pinnacle studio

Shelley Paul, one of the organizers of EdCampATL, said it best in a tweet.

To learn more about EdCampATL, follow the hashtag on twitter, #EdCampATL.


Blogger Julia Osteen said...

ok, so the follow-up email I just received said there were 250 people registered for this. I was never really good at estimating amounts or distances. *ugh*

September 8, 2012 at 7:20 PM  

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